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Boost sales
Retain Stars!

Increase your sales and hire your

best salespeople with a bias-free HR game,

powered by gen AI, neuroscience & psychometry

We offer revolutionary tool for Sales & HR Departments

Higher Sales

Selection of candidates based on verified sales abilities and skills

Very strong link between game score and sales results

Lower Costs

Faster and data-driven recruitment based on unique & scientifically proven methodology

Lower rotation decreases cost of recruitment

Better Teams

Increase morales in the sales team by better selection of the best natural talents

Teaming based on skills and abilities

Companies "burn" more
than € 17M on ineffective recruitment yearly

HR Managers face
a common set of issues:

  • low quantity of high-quality CVs & candidate attendance at the recruitment meetings

  • long recruitment times & inefficient processes

  • communication difficulties & slow decision-making process based on ineffective tools


An inconspicuous design that
hides real rocket science

*based on proprietary quantitative and qualitative research conducted on several hundred bank sellers
(with EEG, GSR & Eyetracker hardware + psychological questionnaires), and thousands of experiments
of the proprietary AI/ML pipeline & Deep Learning experiments in 2018-2023.


& unobvious with micro-decisions 

to player

& to human cognitive errors

doesn't have a boring storyline

which distorts reality

provides the best sellers with gen AI & DeepLearning

confirmed neuroscientifically & psychologically*

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